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Version: 16.4

Quick Start


Let's discover Watchmen in less than 15 minutes.


Watchmen is a lightweight analytic platform, including a backend and a web client.

Quick Start

The deployment method provided in this guide is ONLY FOR quick start, NOT FOR production.

Installing with docker-compose

  • Clone repository,

    git clone repository
  • Enter quick start,

    cd path-to-watchmen-cloned-repo/watchmen-quick-start
  • Before starting, execute copy script to mysql directory,


    Only MySQL scripts are included.

  • Start docker,

    cd docker
    docker compose -f docker-compose-mysql.yml up
  • Open browser on http://localhost:3030.

Login with pre-built users

  • Super admin user: imma-super/change-me
  • Admin user: imma-admin/1234abcd
  • Console user: imma-user/1234abcd

General process of playground

  • Login with super admin user,
    • create datasource,
  • Login with admin user,
    • create topics and pipelines,
    • test pipelines with simulator,
    • Create pat and import test data,
    • Create spaces and assign to your user group,
  • Login with console user,
    • connect to space,
    • create dataset and chart,
    • create dashboard.

DQC services are not included

  • The latest Chrome is recommended,
  • The current environment will automatically create table in instance database. If you modify the topic structure, it will be deleted and recreated, refer to documentation SYNC_TOPIC_TO_STORAGE,
  • If it is not a Mac, please modify docker.for.mac.localhost parameter is configured in nginx,
  • This cannot be used in a production environment. If you need to deploy the production environment, please refer to the document Production Environment Deployment.

If You Get Stuck

Any questions on getting started, we'd love to hear from you. Feel free to send email to our tech support team


You have just learned the Quick Start Watchmen and there are much more to offer!