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Version: 16.2

Standard Tuple Page

In Watchmen, definition objects are called as Tuple,


Click entrance menu in menu bar,

Standard Tuple Page

There are 5 parts in this page,

  • Page title,
  • Search bar, key in search keyword and press enter to fire a search,
  • Buttons, typically contains a create button,
  • Tuples searched out by given criteria,
  • Pagination.

9 cards per page.

In multiple pages,

Customize Tuple Page

  • Using Previous page and Next page to switch page,
  • Sometimes there are special buttons.


Click create button to create new tuple, or click tuple card to edit existing tuple.

  • Create

    Create Data Zone

  • Edit

    Edit Data Zone

Generally, forms are same on creating and editing.


Note the title of tuple form, they are different when do creating or editing.

Confirm Dialog on Query or Switch Tuple

A confirm dialog pops up on fire a new query or create a new tuple when current form data is changed,

Discard Changes Reminder

Alert Dialog on Form Data Validation

An alert dialog pops up when failed on form data validation,

Failed On Validation

Tuple Saved

A saved message will be shown about 5 seconds with an animation,

Tuple Saved

Exception Case


Page for Pipeline is not a standard page, here for learn more.