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Version: Current 16.5-prerelease 🎯


Watchmen Command-Line Interface

We provide the command line tools to help customer to maintain their environment. The command-Line Interface base on the function provided by the watchmen applications.

Core Function

  1. deployment

Import topics, pipelines, spaces and connected spaces into the environment. You can use the function to deploy the config file which export from other environment in the new one.

  1. rerun

Re-trigger the pipeline of a topic, usually for some purpose of maintenance, like fix bugs or data patch.

How to use

Source code

Use the source code , clone from repository:

gh repo clone Indexical-Metrics-Measure-Advisory/watchmen

In the watchmen-cli directory, run for example:

python ./src/ deploy --path='/app/config' --host='http://localhost:8000' --username='watchmen-user' --password='change-me'


Use the watchmen-cli image, pull image from the command line:

docker pull

execute with docker command, parameters are passed through environment variables:

docker run --rm -e command=deploy -e path=/app/config -e host=http://localhost:8000 -e username=watchmen-user -e password=change-me