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Version: 16.1 🔚


A dashboard contains charts from reports and paragraphs.


Dashboard name can be changed by click name part in header. Also, in header bar you can,

  • Add an existing chart by click Add Report,
  • Create a new paragraph by click Add Paragraph,
  • Add into or remove from favorite by click Favorite,
  • Create a share link by click Share,
  • Show page size by click Show Page Size,
  • Print current dashboard by click Print,
  • Set current dashboard as your admin home by click Set as Admin Home, only available when you are administrator role,
  • Refresh data for all charts by click Refresh,
  • Enable data auto refresh by click Auto Refresh, interval is 5 minutes,
  • Create a new dashboard by click Add Dashboard,
  • Switch to another dashboard by click Switch Dashboard,
  • Delete current one by click Delete Me.


Content of paragraph is rendering by markdown, click the edit button in paragraph header to start editing.


No editing for chart in dashboard is available.

Data Funnel

Data funnel from all charts will be combined and render as funnel panel, change the funnel value will invoke related chart refreshing.