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Version: 16.1 🔚

Admin Workbench

Admin Types

There are 2 roles of admin:

  • Super Admin
  • Data Zone Admin

Super Admin

Watchmen is designed for multiple data zones, all data including definitions are data zone oriented, a super administrator is required to maintain each data zone's startup settings.

The following features are only for Super Admin:

  • Data zone maintain,
  • Data source maintain,
  • External writer maintain.

Following features are available for Super Admin, but also for 'Admin',

  • User maintain.

Data Zone Admin

Data Zone Admin is designed for configuring, monitoring data zone's development, deployment, etc.

Following features are for data zone admin:

  • Admin dashboard,
  • User maintain,
  • User Group maintain,
  • Space maintain,
  • Enumeration maintain,
  • Topic maintain,
  • Pipeline maintain,
  • Pipeline Simulator,
  • Monitor Logs Query,
  • Monitor Rule maintain,
  • Monitor Rule Statistics,
  • Consanguinity Query,
  • Assets Catalog maintain.

Data Zone Admin is also known as Admin for short in following chapters if no otherwise specified as Super Admin.

Centralized Definition Persistence

Definition data in Watchmen is stored centralized now. A definition data source must be configured in standard deployment, your can find it in Doll/Data Service chapter.