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v16.1 End of Life Planning

ยท One min read

Watchmen V16.1 series, is planning to stop to maintain in few weeks after V16.3 deployed.

We have done refactoring in V16.2, which leads the package structure break changes. In detail, we extract the common part from 4 supported rds storage (MySQL/MSSQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL) to a new package watchment-storage-rds. This change reduce our maintain cost on rds part, but on the other hand, because of lacking of manpower resource, it's really hard to maintain V16.1 since it still in original structure. Anyway, V16.1 is still on maintain now, but it's better to do upgrading to V16.2 now.

One more thing about V16.3, after we deploy the indicator workbench in V16.2, there is one more exciting feature will be deployed in V16.3, which is Synonym Topic. It introduces direct link to rds, to reuse the existing tables and views, to maximize the existing data usages. We are still on the final round verification work now, will be released in few weeks โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿ”ฅ.