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ยท One min read

V16.2 coming soon!

V16.2 is coming in next few days, including amazing features,

  • AWS S3 and Ali OSS supporting for raw topic storage,
  • PostgreSQL supporting,
  • Indicator workbench, offers buckets, indicators, inspections, etc.

ยท One min read

Watchmen V15 series, which deployed about 2 months ago, and was the very first version we published, working with us over 1 year, we decide stop to maintain, and will not fix bug in this version again.

We already notify all our friends to upgrade their images to V16.1.x, and get good feedback from them. So if you still on V15 series, we highly recommend to upgrade to V16.1 immediately.

We offer upgrade scripts, you can find it at watchmen-migration , just enjoy it.

Still, images of V15 series can be found at,

ยท One min read
The Watchmen Team

V16.1.1 Released!

It is patch release, which contains bugfixes.


  • Remove exception raise from ask encryptor from registration
  • Flatten column is not working
  • DataSourceParam is unserializable
  • Bad argument passed of post_delete_pipeline
  • Missing the precision cell of factor in uploaded template

ยท One min read
The Watchmen Team

๐Ÿ”ฅ V16.1.0 Released!

Today we are releasing Watchmen 16.1.0. It contains exciting new features.

16.1 series will be a stable version with long-term maintenance.

We strongly recommend users and partners upgrading to 16.1, which is an important minor version upgrade

Features Introductionโ€‹

  • Auto-mapping factors in pipeline action development
    In pipeline development, factors mapping automatic generation is provided to improve pipeline development efficiency and user-friendliness
  • Support SAML2
    Support new authentication protocols of SSO